“Healing from Heaven will astound you with its remarkable stories of emotional and physical healing through connection with those on the “other side.” Dr. Daniel Ryan is a gifted healer and medium who takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. This book will convince you that the soul never dies and lives on in all of us.”
- Susan Heim, Author and Editor for the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“Healing from Heaven is for anyone who has grown to suspect that there is more to this existence than what meets the eye. Daniel’s straightforward explanation of dimensions mystics have long understood, but scientists are only now beginning to detect, is an accessible, fascinating handbook to peeling back the layers of our loud world and experiencing our true delicate reality for yourself. The Healer’s Guide to the Universe.”
- Mark DeCarlo, TV Host, Author, A Fork on the Road

“Daniel is a gifted seeker, healer, and writer. Healing from Heaven shares his journey into metaphysical realms and gives voice to the deeply healing power of our own sensitivity and creative awareness.”

- Chris Paine, Director, “Who Killed the Electric Car?”

“Healing from Heaven chronicles the incredible talent of Dr. Daniel Ryan as he reaches beyond the physical to help his clients heal from within. His intuitive abilities flow effortlessly in story after story, painting the picture of a true healer in every sense of the word.”
- Randy Rogers, Author, The Key of Life, A Metaphysical Investigation

“Twenty years ago I suffered with the idea that being incapacitated was never very far away. Then one day a friend said, “I’ve met a real healer, you should check him out.” Since I met Daniel Ryan in 1991, I’ve been free of that idea and all that accompanied it. In addition, I’ve taken great pleasure in telling countless others about my friend, the “real healer.” Every one undoubtedly feels the same sense of gratitude and wonder that I do. Not to mention the elation of being healed.”
- Patrick Leonard, Music Producer, (Madonna, Jewel, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson)

“Dr. Daniel Ryan, through his teaching and practice, gives insight into how he came to recognize his gifts and now shares them with us. As a western trained physician, I am acutely aware of the limitations embedded in western medicine. Dr. Ryan, a modern day Avatar, blends the world of traditional medicine and eastern philosophy to create a universal love and spiritual healing that we have been craving. Thank you, Dr Ryan, for sharing this incredible gift!"
- James Peace, M.D. Physician, Surgeon, Clinical Researcher

I communicate with those who have crossed over and act as a conduit for healing and reconnection. This is about a journey of the heart. Your journey will be different from mine, and from the others that you read about in this book. But these experiences serve as inspiration and a catalyst to reveal your own divinity, and provide you with the tools to reconnect and sustain your connection with Spirit. Through others’ examples, exercises and visioning guidance on the following pages, you can learn to overcome spiritual and energetic blockages to activate and realize authentic freedom.

I address some of the most fundamental challenges of healing, connecting and maintaining the connection with Spirit. As we move along the path of spiritual evolution, Spirit inspires us from exactly where we are, not waiting until we reach some exalted hypothetical state of “enlightenment,” for that is already inherent in our nature. We live in an incredibly kind universe, yearning at our beck and call to support us in our endeavor of “self-realization.” It isn’t accomplished, but merely realized. Remarkable brilliance and infinite potential are our birthright. That is to say this is not another self-help book that will show you how to apply a formula to be happy or promise that this is the “true” way to enlightenment. Rather, it is an example of how we are all unique, and it will encourage you to find your own way to reconnect with Spirit.

Beyond words, this book holds the frequency and vibration of a soul’s heartfelt voyage toward peace—peace of mind and heart, and the joy that is released as a result of aligning oneself with the pure, unadulterated desire of our souls, to express the love and inclusiveness that are inherent in our nature. It is my intention not only to convey a transmission of healing frequency unbound by the physical laws of the finite realm, but also to encourage you to trust your intuition to provide a vehicle for transformation, to see and act upon the potential that is already within you.

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Healing From Heaven